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uTorrent crashes while creating new torrent


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Hi guys! I'm using uTorrent 3.4.6. My problem is that when I'm creating a new torrent, the memory usage increases until it crashes. I tried other versions, but the results were the same, except the 3.4.2 and earlier versions. As I can see, these newer versions creating torrents faster, so maybe there is an option somewhere to turn of that "fast torrent creating". If anyone has the same problem, and found a solution for it, please share with me, help me. Thanks!

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I've made a little research, and for now I'm pretty sure, that uTorrent (starting with build 38429) is unable to create bigger torrents with more files in it due to a memory leak problem. Any time I set a directory to create a torrent, after a few seconds (if I'm lucky, a few minutes)  get an error message that windows (Win 10) has ran out of memory. I hardly doubt, that I'm the only one experiencing this bug. The refernce folder that I'm testing is 5,52gb and it has 125 pdf files in it.

These are the release notes for 38429, but none of them points to this issue.

2015-1-30: Version 3.4.2 (build 38429) Stable 
  • Fix long shutdown times when parsing certain media types
  • Fix some missing device pane icons
  • Fix gap in download list name column
  • Tweak default column widths
  • Minor DHT improvements
  • Pro player upgrades                                                                                                                              
  • DPI display issue fix
  • Feature control improvements for better in-client communication


Screenshot 2016-06-19 19.28.12.png

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