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Utorrent crashes after fresh reboot (checking files)


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Out of the blue, uTorrent started to crash on startup. During the startup it performs a check scan for a couple of seconds then crashes. So i uninstalled uTorrent and reinstalled it. Had to reopen the torrent files, and from there a check was performed and it went smoothly. However, once I restart my PC, uTorrent will crash when it first starts up. It's a non ending cycle. If I don't finish downloading a torrent and turn off my PC, it'll crash on the next startup. So I end up uninstalling it and reinstalling it, just to fix this issue, until the next restart.

Anyone have any clue on why this might be occurring? I've tried the 3.4.7 and the beta version, both have the same issue. Completely removed the registry and the file in %appdata%. The issue is still rampant.

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