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Ode to Ads, thank you for your service Utorrent.

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Everybody hates the ads, I get it.

I've tried blocking the ads with workarounds 2-3 times which always get fixed by the new utorrent update or sometimes patched/changed server side to circumvent them.

I don't care if utorrent makes money, I'll happily suffer through some ads. But even apps and websites that run solely off ad revenue don't randomly(as in 1 hour after opening the program, seeding for my friends in the torrent industry, and getting punished for it) blare 100% full volume (louder by about 2x than the 100% volume VLC video I was watching) annoying ads that you CANNOT stop or x out of without closing the program.

I have tried for literally 6-12 months to keep going and just deal. I can't just deal anymore when there are better options available.

Due to your insanely high volume, intrusive, punishing ads, that you guys claim you have to have to make money(not true; you can use respectful ads, or allow people to x out of the ad if they aren't interested, or allow people to change the volume of ads down to a minimum of 10-20% or something at the very least)I am finally going to uninstall this stressful unfulfilling program. I don't feel good when I press the green button to open utorrent because I never know if I'm gonna get blasted by an ad. I can silence it every single time I open it but sometimes there's a magnet link, and I usually TRUST the companies that I patron, and I am not trained and habituated to distrust and silence programs/apps when I open them and forget often.

Please change your ways utorrent or get left in the dust by a client with similar features but no intrusive, loud, jarring ads. This is a frustrated man giving you advice because I know there are plenty of people who feel just like me.

Please listen to the users of your program, or lose them.

Thank you for your hard work, and stable torrent client, you guys have really made something great, and so many people are extremely thankful. Adapt with the times please so I can come back.

For now, I leave, sadly, to Qbit.

Thank you and farewell,
Mike G

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