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Trackers [HELP]


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Hey guy's,

while i was waitng on my music to download i thought could is be download faster. everytime i was done with downloading or i restarted it the second download didnt download. it was always like this: "Click here". And i searched it up and found a site and showed some tackers who could speed up you download speed and i deleted the old ones and replaced them with the new ones. that wasnt smart of me because everything went wrong. it was only saying updating, not working, no such foun (<-idk). and i restartarted utorrent and i saw a download that is didnt add and it says   R.I.P  III and that could downloading good without probleems and i was scared and deleted all the trackers and if i uninstall it and reinstall it i dont have the regular trackers and now i am here. can anyone help me?

thanks in advance! xo

i am dutch btw :)

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17 hours ago, DreadWingKnight said:

Remove and re-add the torrent from the original site and NEVER use those tracker lists from whatever site you got them from

Agreed use the original site that you got it from. Loading trackers from another site unrelated to the original will not work since that site has nothing to do with the torrent file in question.

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