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Program Error and Speed Problem


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Dear All,

I am currently using 1 GB RAM system but the utorrent uses only 390 MB . I have been experiencing the program error recently. on the close problem I observe the program still running and not releasing the the RAM. So I wait may be up to 15 and with luck it releases the Memory. Sometimes I just have to remove the LAN/Wireless connection and it successfully closed. Rest of the time I just had to Kill the program from the task manager or just shutdown windows and kill everything. It result in the checking

Also I recently experience the speed problem and have a feeling it's due to this program error.

I am thinking about uninstall and clean install (also appdata). Would it be possible to do so and replace with my current working set? I have lots of pending download so may I ask what file to keep.   As far I know are the settings.dat and resume.dat correct? any other file to make the newly install program to continue my current work?


Many thanks.

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