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Utorrent-Force start


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Hi to all,first of all to say that i'm sorry if i missed the right category for this thread,or i'm askin a question that was answered before i'm new here,so to explain i'm using Utorrent 3.4.7 on Windows 7 32-bit,i was downloading a large file (160gb)and 62gb of 160gb was downloaded and then i saw the error "connecting to peers" it stooped because i had ISP issue,so i pressed Force Start and after a while download started,my question is,on the left side of my torrent there is [F] i assume that means "force start",so when the download is finished is everything going to be okay with my files,even when its started with force start?or this connecting to peers could damage the files?i want to know if i go any further if i'm going to have on the end error or damaged file when i start to open it,its better then to stop the download now,please help,and thank you.

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