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Torrents download but no pop up screen


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I have read a few other post that sound like my problem but were very empty and not specific so no one was able to actually give a correct solution.

I have had no updates to windows 10, utorrent 3.4.7(build 42330) or any thing else that i know has changed in at least 2 months, but about 2 weeks ago when i would download a .torrent from a tracker, click to open it and nothing would happen. I have tried downloading 5 different torrents from 2 different sites and I all I get is utorrent opens up. Which before it would open and give me the option of a location to save the actual files. When i go to file-add torrent and select it from the list i still do not see the files populate in any of the list inside of utorrent.  The only solution I have found so far is go to file-add torrent(choose save dir...) and then I can click on the file then it gives me the choice where to save it and then it will populate on utorrent and start to download and there for upload like all the rest of the files on my list.

Under options-preferences-UI Settings-When Adding Torrents.  "Dont start the download automatically" is not checked. and "Show options to change the name and location of torrent data" is checked. Which is exactly what i want it to do.

If anyone knows what is going on it would be greatly appreciated. 

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