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Utorrent seeding automatically


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I was a long time user of an earlier version of utorrent.

I decided to download it again and see what was out there.  I had little luck finding a working torrent site like there used to be for starters, they all just send me on a wild goose chase loading a different site when I click a link, but I've browsed here enough today to realize that you cannot suppot that, and I understand why.  It's still disappointing.

What actually brought me here is that I have not actually downloaded anything successfully, and have no down streams, but my computer was lagging like I was actively down/uploading...  I opened my taskbar and noticed that utorrent was running (I forgot to disable run on startup, I can handle fixing that).  Much to my vexation I discovered that utorrent was downloading, and seeding files that I did not opt to download or upload, like the client decided to use my bandwidth without my permission.  I have no problem with seeding anything that I have downloaded after downloading it, but I will not be a party to my computer automatically downloading files that I did not choose to download, and distributing them to other computers.  I stopped the download, and will be disabling utorrent until I get an answer to this query. 

Is it some new feature within utorrent that automatically makes your client a seeder?  If so, I will be deleting utorrent, and no longer using it in the future.  If not, then I have some investigating to do on my computer to discover how and why this happened.  I want to check with the community before I start tearing my file system apart looking for problems.

Thanks in advance.

Attached is what I found utorrent down/uploading without my authority.


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The screenshot does not show the transfer rates because I had already told it to stop as soon as I discovered it.  Why were all the numbers actively moving when I opened the client, and why did it say seeding where is says finished?

I am not a first time user.  Just a first time user on this computer.  It was transferring data when I expanded the client, and I have never seen those files before, or requested a download of them.

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I'm not sure why that double posted.  Maybe using my back button?  It was unintentional.  I might as well try to make use of the space anyhow.

Is there any way to turn the volume down on the advertisements?  I am trying to listen to music, and all of the sudden I have a commercial blasting through my external speakers on top of my music.  That is completely obnoxious, and unnecessary.  The more I tinker with the new utorrent, the less I want to use it.


I was leery about opening anything without knowing where it came from.  I have discovered where it came from.  It is part of the bittorrent bundle that I opted to install when I did the utorrent installer package.  It seems it downloaded it via the client, and seeded it.

I managed to answer my first question myself, but I am still not seeing any volume control for the ads.

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