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problem with installing the language pack


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i try to download it (http://download.utorrent.com/langpacks/dl.php?build=474)

and i get this file - dl.php

To install langpack, simply copy the file into directory with µTorrent executable. The program will install it automatically.

i copy the file dl.php on the same directory and its not work.

btw, i have only 2 file in that directory "Program Files\uTorrent\"utorrent.exe" and "Uninstall.exe" - is that all?

did i miss somthing here?

please help


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rename dl.php to utorrent.lng

i did and the file was disappear(?!) from the directory right after i started the program again.

or disable any download manager you may have (getright, flashget etc) and try again

i have nothing work on backround, im right after clean installation of my system (xp pro).

any more idea?

is it ok that i have only 2 files in "utorrent" directory?

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siin, don't use rightclick, save as (this saves the dl.php which is not the utorrent.lng).

Save it in the way, that you get a file "utorrent.lng". Or you can download a actual copy from here: http://www.utorrent-deutsch.de/downloads/utorrent.lng_474.zip

Just unzip it and copy the utorrent.lng in the folder, where you have your utorrent.exe

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ok, i did exactly like you all told me to do and still i got no hebrew in "user inteface setting > language".

as you can see here:


i think that i did ok but the problem is in the way the file go in the program > utorrent.

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