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Dht waiting for anounce


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I am having problems with utorrent since 5 days ago. I can't download anything anymore. It sais dht waiting for announce.

My brother can download and i can also download on my phone. I have tried searching for it and watching video's but nothing worked. 

When i go into my router i see that ports open automatically to my brothers laptop and my phone. But not to my pc. It still worked 5 days ago. So i tried opening the ports myself. Also tried disabeling my firewall, VirusScan, moved arround with settings, uninstalled and reinstalled, i changed my ip, ch1nged my ip to an automattic port, tried an older version, tried a diffrent torrent downloader. I don't know what to do anymore. I even used a pc backup save from 10 days ago didn't work.

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