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"Remove and delete .torrent + Data" does not delete .torrent.loaded files.


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When right-clicking on any torrent, selecting "Remove and delete .torrent + Data" deletes the data, but does not delete .torrent.loaded files.

When restarting the program after performing "Remove and delete .torrent + Data", the program (correctly) does not re-load the deleted .torrent.loaded files.

However, in the event that the user reinstalls µTorrent, the user will have to re-add their previous torrents to resume seeding. All torrents that have previously been added are changed to a ".torrent.loaded" file extension. However, since µTorrent did not delete the .torrent.loaded files when the user had been performing "Remove and delete .torrent + Data" during the previous installation, all of the .torrent.loaded files that the user wanted gone will remain mixed in with all of the desired .torrent.loaded files for which downloaded data still exists.

The user has 2 options at this point:

  1. Add all of the .torrent.loaded files, resulting in all of the deleted data being re-downloaded, thus annihilating the user's ratio on the tracker's website, OR
  2. Meticulously cross-reference (by hand) all of the .torrent.loaded with all of the downloaded data, and remove any .torrent.loaded files for which the downloaded data has previously been deleted.

By not deleting the .torrent.loaded files when the user performs "Remove and delete .torrent + Data", the user is forced to choose between two very unpleasant options upon reinstalling µTorrent.

This issue has plagued µTorrent for years, yet the solution is easy to implement. Please, developers, delete the .loaded.torrent files!

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4 minutes ago, DreadWingKnight said:

It's not supposed to. You're using autoload, and the ".loaded" torrent files are NOT what uTorrent remembers nor what it deletes for the "remove and delete .torrent" options.

This is exactly the problem. It needs to delete the .torrent.loaded files, since the user has elected to delete the torrent.

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Yes, yes, I agree that the .torrent file is deleted when the torrent is loaded. It is replaced with a .torrent.loaded file. However, µTorrent does not delete the .torrent.loaded file when the user selects "Remove and delete .torrent + Data". It is true that the exact wording in that option is "delete .torrent", but as you said, it is already gone, and µTorrent has replaced it with a .torrent.loaded file in the same directory. I honestly don't understand why µTorrent creates the .torrent.loaded file. As far as I can tell, all it does is prevent the "Remove and delete .torrent + Data" from working properly. The .torrent.loaded file otherwise functions the same as a .torrent file. Anyway, µTorrent should delete the .torrent.loaded file when the user selects "Remove and delete .torrent + Data", because the user's intention is clearly to delete the .torrent.loaded file that µTorrent created.

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