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All Torrents Starting Queued


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Anything I add to uTorrent starts off Queued by default when they shouldn't be. Force start gets things moving, but there's no obvious reason why anything should start queued with the settings I have.

For reference, my version is 3.4.7 and my current settings are:

Max Upload Rate: Unlimited 

Download Rate: Unlimited

Global Rate Limits: Transport Overhead [Unchecked], uTP [checked], stop transfers on user interaction [checked]

Global Max Connections: 250

Connections per Torrent: 75

Upload Slots per Torrent: 2

Transfer Cap: Unlimited

Max Active Torrents: 100

Max Active Downloads: 50

Min Ratio: 200%

Min Seeds: 2

I don't see anything that should be causing things to queue, especially when I start to DL something when uT has no other active torrents.

Anything else I should be looking at or info I ought to post?

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I'm never running that many torrents, I remove anything that I've hit my seeding goal with before downloading the next batch. When I state that I have 4-5 active torrents, those are literally the only torrents in uT at that time. Nothing is paused, or stopped, or left seeding.

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