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Best NAS running uTorrent?


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I have a Buffalo Linkstation LS-WXL (firmware 1.71), and it runs an excellent BitTorrent client labelled BitTorrent(tm) Download Manager.  I am happy with the Buffalo, but I am looking for a newer NAS, and I want a BitTorrent client that is at least as good.  Any recommendations?

I want

  • BitTorrent running on the NAS so it is always on
  • a client that exposes the settings like PEX/DHT/LPD
  • a NAS with a web UI that is not so doggone slow

I have used

  • Synology Download Station - does not expose many settings
  • Synology Transmission - workable, but I find the windowing system embedded in the web page, and it is not as full-featured as BitTorrent Download Manager

Thanks for any advice!

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