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uTorrent not loading .torrent files


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i have read similar posts regarding this very thing, but they lead no where, utorrent moderators even closed out a post due to a user using 3.3.2, well, let me tell you. i am using 3.4.7 which i believe is the most current version and i am having the same issues. every method i have tried, magnet links, manually loading the .torrent files, uninstalling. 

in add remove programs it shows utorrent, but as not available. i try to uninstall it but it doesnt appear to work, however utorrent does seem to disappear from the system in some manor. when i go to reinstall it i go through all the steps, but it doesnt look like it actually installs it, just seems to reopen it where it left off, current torrents seeding.(as is it were never truly uninstalled) i like utorrent alot eventhough there are quite a few trackers that black list it, i dont want to use another torrent client, but if i cant use utorrent i may be forced to do so.

any insight would be welcome. torrent files are associated, utorrent is default. everything looks square, it just doesnt work.

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