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Moving Torrents from One uTorrent Instance to Another One

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I need to move many torrents from one uTorrent instance to another one.

Basically the entries in one resume.dat file need to me moved exactly as they are in a different resume.dat file.

The entries can remain in the old one, it's easy enough to remove them in uTorrent when they are categorized by labels, but copying multiple resume.dat entries into a different resume.dat file in a few steps is the tricky part.


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Thank You, but none of the topics there addresses my issue:

I need to batch move lots of torrents from one uTorrent running instance to another uTorrent running instance that already has many active torrents and a resume.dat of its own.

I know I can load them manually in uTorrent, but that is the slowest way. I am trying to find a faster way.


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