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external HD not turned on causes utorrent to corrupt path memory


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I turned on utorrent but forgot to turn on my ext HD which has all the .torrent files and the actual media files. With version 1.5 this would cause all the torrents to get red X's, but if I turned on the HD and restart utorrent it would just check all the files again (sometimes coming up with 98% on files that had 100% but that's a different story having to do with partial downloads) and be fine although time consuming. I could even avoid this by simply restarting my computer without exiting utorrent, it would come up as it was before I started ut.

But with version 1.6 this time I foolishly forget it to turn the HD on again and lost all those possibilities. The torrents turn up as red X's, but don't go back to a former state when I restarted my comp. Also when I turned the HD on and restarted utorrent, it wouldn't check the files even if I forced a recheck and said something like "Error: can't find Path" even though the path is accesible. Also the .torrent files couldn't be started up and I couldn't get any of anything to do anything. If I tried to open a new torrent file it couldn't save the torrent to the torrent destination folder (also on the HD). The media files had nothing wrong with them but the torrents were useless. I finally had to get rid of the entire torrent folder and allocate a new folder to store them in, and when downloading a new folder I had to manually allocate the destination otherwise it would just say that the path didn't exist.

In short, I think utorrent has got some problems with remembering paths that is horribly annoying and time consuming.

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