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Can't connect trackers since 1.6, they just sit on 'working'


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I've upgrade to 1.6 the day it came out. For the last little while I've been trying to get uTorrent to work, so I tried narrowing down the problem.

I can download the same torrent from the same tracker with Azureus.

I can connect peers with with DHT, which seems to be working the same as it always does.

But I have about 5 torrents on my list, some have up to 5 trackers in them, and they all are stuck on the status 'working' after 30minutes of uTorrent running. One of the torrents on the list I managed to download in 20 minutes with Azureus.

Is there a way to reinstall version 1.5 so I can download torrents like I did before?

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I have, but the firewall only effects incoming connections not you connecting to a tracker.

Only an idiot firewall completely blocks connections of a program, which I not have.

Also azureus is working fine, it's not a firewall problem. I have no firewall software on my computer, only my router.

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Similar problem. However, it isn't a firewall/port/router problem (at least that's what I suspect) since I had 1.5 working just fine before. Also, I can't modify any of those settings since I'm not a sysadmin... but as I said, I also couldn't do that before, and it was working....

Now nothing :(

I have tried resetting (deleting settings.dat) but that didn't helped....

any clue?

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Same problem here. (Or atleast VERY similar)

I started downloading my Bleach episode as I do every week. (But now using 1.6).

It has like 10k+ Seends and 10k+ Peers.

But it's just stuck at Downloading (Working). The download speed is like 0.1 ~ 0.4 kb/s. The triangle constantly switches between yellow, then red, then green. (Mostly stuck at yellow though)

And after I desided to let the torrent run for an hour, the triangle disappeared, after restart of uTorrent, it starts all over again.

I did the port check thing, and it says everything is ok.

I have no software firewall on. (Besides the windows XP, but I need it in order to make something work. But still, everything run fine with 1.5...)

I really like the new features in 1.6, so I would hate to be "forced" to roll back to 1.5

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A sudden drop in download/upload speed usually means half-open connections max has been set back to 10 by a Windows Update. Or the latest virus/trojan/worm just took up residence on your computer.

Either that, or v1.6 of µTorrent has a setting that's just too much for your system/network/internet connection.

Best bet to rule that out is to disable DHT and UPnP...and use conservative speed settings.

If that doesn't work, chances are the problem's not in µTorrent -- even if you downgrade to v1.5 the problem will still exist, and likely get worse.

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Azureus and µTorrent's DHT are not compatible...so if one works and the other doesn't, it doesn't mean much.

You need to tell us a LOT more about your connection and all the settings that Speed Guide (CTRL+G) reports as well as half-open setting you're using inside µTorrent.

I am pretty sure there's a joker in there causing you problems.

...You may even want to delete µTorrent's settings so ALL are reset to default.

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Just a quick note to say I had the same problem as OP.

Torrents sitting on "updating tracker", sometimes it would get seed/peer information but no downloading.

I quit utorrent and removed utorrent from windows firewall, then loaded utorrent up and it automatically re-added itself.

Works fine now.

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Ok, that last post gave me an idea, so I looked into it.

Apparently, even tho the service for Windows Firewall was disabled it was still blocking programs from the internet.

So I tried geting into the Windows Firewall Control Pannel page, but it wouldn't start without the service, and the service wouldn't start because a dependency was disabled (or I assumed). So I enabled all disabled services, ran the service I needed, got into the control page for the Windows Firewall, deleted uTorrent from it.

Now it works fine. Apparently the windows firewall still blocks things even when it's service is disabled. Must just be a control service.

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