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i can start downloading, and it all goes well, i get decent speeds and when the file gets to 95% ish the Dowload speeds drops right down to 0 OR 0.1 k/bits and stays for days, can anyone help, i am using a cable modem motorola SB5101E and a Belkin router F5D7240-D.

Please help it is s anoyng

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some have worked fine, im doing one now and it is 0.993 but this was the case in the last one and my d/l speed was similar to this one, but it stopped at 95.3%.

is this a regular occurrence, that they are posioned or fakes or do they have viruses.?

is this done intentionally or is just one of those things that happens

excuse the stupid questions.


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well, that has answered a lot of questions, one last one then ill be off, about incomming connections , i have had none since start i have mapped my port, and still the icon is red, and it will not change

here are my stats, i ahve tried everything that the help pages say, but to no avail.

uploaded 28.5GB

downloaded 19.5GB

time 315.36.30

incomming conns since start 0

outgoing since start 163

handshake 394

connections 77

half open 4

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