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Improved RSS filter interface - WebUI


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Longtime user, mostly lurker.  Not sure I've posted before.

I've been fighting with the RSS favorites software on both the windows and WebUI versions of utorrent for going on a decade now, and I've never had an idea regarding how to improve the interface until now.


Could someone make an update to the WebUI (and possibly the OS gui) to show content in the current RSS feed that would match the filter and not strings of the RSS downloader entry the user is currently editing?  Something along the lines of: I make the new favorite "Nova", add in the filter nova* and the not *720p*|*REPACK*.   In a pane next to the form I see any entries in the current RSS feed that match my string.


This does not help a user to define the correct regex and keywords when his/her feed does not list the content desired, but at the very least it would let us notice that a certain filter isn't working when that content shows up on the feed, and let us tweak the filter, with feedback, to correct the problem.


Thanks for reading,


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