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Well, I'm think I'm having speed problems (obviously, that's why I'm here). I'm relatively new to torrents and things of that sort; so I'm seeking advice of those who know more than I do.

As for my equipment: Linksys WRT54G V5 with latest firmware v1.00.9 (sadly, the 3rd party firmware won't work with this model), Verizon DSL, and I'm using a wireless connection while I download (laptop).

To sum up my problem quickly, I'm dowloading at no more than 30kb/s. I've run the speed tests numerous times (which resulted in my getting 80% worse service than others), tried opening ports (it doesn't recognize it...although I do have UPnP turned on), tried static IP, and still have no luck. I'm getting terrible speeds on highly active torrents (ex: I only got 10kb/s while connected to 8 seeds and X peers).

Basically I need to know if I do actually have speed problems (my speed guide is set at xx/128k, are my speeds correct for this setting?), and if I do, what I can do to correct them (open ports, etc.).

Thanks in advance.

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Can you give us the exact range of speed results gotten for your speed tests for download AND upload?

Those maxes almost dictate what settings work best.

Regardless of how fast your connection is rated as, due to problems you'll probably want to do this:

Disable DHT (enable PEX instead if it isn't)

under µTorrent's advanced settings:

1.reduce net.max_halfopen to only 6 or even 4

2.reduce bt.connect_speed to only 10

3.you might even want to try setting net.low_cpu to true

Those settings would normally slightly reduce how fast you ramp-up to speed when (re)starting torrent if you have no problems with your connection, but if there's any bottlenecks in your connection that µTorrent is banging against then it can actually speed things up considerably.

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Sorry for not posting in awhile...it's been a hectic day.

Anyway, I tried the speed test again, and the results fell right in line with previous tests.

Download: 691 kbps or 86.3 KB/sec

Upload: 131 kbps or 16.3 KB/sec

I haven't tried any of the suggested solutions (like I said, I've been very busy), but I plan on trying them as soon as I get the time. Thanks for the help.

EDIT: I tried the suggested solutions and got nothing. I dare say that things got worse. Something else I noticed, the status indicator often changes from a red dot (saying I'm "Not Connectable") to a yellow yield sign (saying that there "may be a problem with the network config"). The dot at least doesn't make sense seeing as I have forwarded the port used by UTorrent, but, for some reason, it is never recognised as opened.

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