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Email notification?


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Hello all!

First time here, got to say uTorrent is great. I´m happy to carry it in my USB drive and let it running in a computer wit hi-speed connection downloading my stuff.

I was wondering if it does exist some client that can send you a notification by email when your torrents are done downloading. I saw this feature in a firewall, it sends email when some event occur... But by googling a bit i saw there seems to be nothing like that for a BT client.

Maybe is not possible or it´s just a bad idea?

Anyway that´s my little suggestion about uTorrent. :)

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For example, if i´m at work i can´t use bittorrent. (but i can acces my email of course).

But i know of a computer with a good internet connection (mine at home sucks) so i let UTorrent running in the background in the supercomputer. I left and then a couple of days later, i receive an email message telling me my downloads are done. so i go to the supercomputer to grab my stuff.

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