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utorrent causes surfing problem?


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I got the following problem with utorrent 1.6 (it was the same in utorrent 1.5).

When starting and downloading something with utorrent, surfing websites with various browsers gets slower and slower until it is impossible to get a website to load in sustainable time. Can't be the download speed, because my connection isn't working with full capacity. On another PC i have the same problem. Azureus doesn't have this problem.

Anyone knows a solution for the problem?

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Are these machines all behind the same router?

If so, what model router?

No. First machine is connected with a modem to a DSL connection. Second machine, where i am most of the time, is connected to an university net.

What's your half-open limit set to in µTorrent and Windows?

What's your upload speed set to? Is it reaching that speed?

In µTorrent it is the default setting 8. I'm using Windows XP with SP 2, therefore it should be 10.

Upload speed is set to 6kb/s. It reaches that speed.

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Alex2001 has also opened this question in the german speaking thread.


His latest posting there is his settings posting:

Eingestellte Werte sind im Moment:

Upload Limit: 6 kb/s

Upload Slots: 6

Verbind. (pro torrent): 300

Verbindungen (global): 1800

Max. aktive Torrents: 6

Max. aktive Downloads: 5

me and schnurlos told him that he must look after his uploadline and that his settings might be much to high.

(you can also edit out his quotings if you are faster then him. they are just 100% repeatings of the post directly in front of them.)

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Really shouldn't have more upload slots (upload slots per torrent TIMES total torrents active) greater than upload speed in KB/sec. So if you're only uploading at 6 KB/sec, then even setting upload slots to 3 and active torrent max to 2 is as high as you should go. Any worse would cause poor performance and would act as a leecher and duplicate data generator on torrents.

I limit my total global connections to only 60-90 and connections per torrent to only 20-60 and I have seen download speeds well above 300 KB/sec...bursting to 600+ KB/sec. However my upload speed is set between 30 and 42 KB/sec.

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