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creating a torrent problem


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you enter the tracker url in the specified field in the torrent creation process.

and then you upload the torrent file to that tracker.

Thats the easiest way, but you can also open your own tracker business by activating the build in tracker in µT ;)

However i would sugest you use the first one. one public open for everyone tracker is thepiratebay.org

(But make sure you only share stuff you are allowed to share! you know the US GOV does not like TPB) ;)

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an indexer is like google!

you can also not upload results to google liek you can not uplaod a torrent file to an indexer!

you need a tracker!

choose one from the wikilink

or leave the torrent field blank, allow dht and give the torrentfile to all the guys you want then to have it!

A tracker is NO Must if you have DHT ennabled

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