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Bad HDD, now torrents won't start


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I'm running rutorrent v3.6 (rTorrent 0.9.6/0.13.6) on Ubuntu 14.04.  I had 2 HDDs I had my torrents on.  Everything was working fine and had been for months.  Then one of my HDDs died.  I replaced that drive w an new one.  The data on the bad drive is lost.


When I start the web console I see all my torrents.  I realize the ones located on the bad drive are toast.  However my torrents on the good drive won't start.  They all show as Stopped.  If I try to force a recheck or start they show as Pausing and never start. 


I had a torrent that was a partial download (to my main OS HDD) and that torrent continues to download.  I did re download a torrent file for one of my existing torrents and that torrent did a recheck automatically and is now seeding.


How can I get my torrents from the original good drive to start and seed?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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