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uTorrent not removing the .!ut from completed files in a multi file torrent


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I am downloading a multi-file torrent and uTorrent is not removing the .!ut extension from the completed files.They show as 100% downloaded in the files tab and yet uTorrent does not remove the extension.I guess it will remove it when the whole torrent is finished,but since the torrent barely has any seeds it is going to take a while.Before it used to remove the extensions from the files as soon as they were 100% done.

I am using Windows 10 x64 and uTorrent 3.4.9 Build 43085 x86


Edit:I just tested with some older versions by swiching the utorrent.exe with the .exes from the updates folder.I went down to 3.4.5 and it all had the same problem.

I also tested with 3.1.3 which i had on my drive and it works perfectly fine with it.As soon as a file gets 100% downloaded the .!ut extension gets removed.


It seems that stopping the torrent when there are 100% downloaded files forces utorrent to remove the extensions from completed files.

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In General setting: remove the ut check mark otherwise it will be there for incomplete files even if you didn't download them. And remove the check for updates unless you really need them. Update as such can cause more problems then it helps.

In Directories: your asking for trouble since all you download will be in the same folder as your utorrent program and you will have no idea what is finished and what isn't. Creating folders for example "Completed, Download, Trash, Torrents" will separate them so you know what is what otherwise your all in one folder will be a cluster f(&(&(& and now one will help you fix it.

In Bandwidth: are those numbers default or did you change them. They are way to high for connections and will not work properly.

In Disk cache:  are those defaults or did you change them as well?

In Queuing: what is that setting?

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1.Well that is the point.I want that check mark so that i can see which files are already 100% downloaded(no .!ut extension) and which not(have .!ut extension).As soon as a file is 100% downloaded uTorrent should remove the .!ut extenshion.In the old 3.1.3 version it works fine.But in the latest version it removes the extension only when the whole torrent is finished or when the torrent is stopped.

And the update setting is irrelevant to the problem i have.

2.As for the directories also irrelevant to the problem and i have none of the problems you described.My downloads are not all going to uTorrent folder since on every download i manually choose where the download goes.

3.I know Bandwidth settings might not be optimal,but they work for me and i have no speed issues so also irrelevant to the problem in this topic.

4.As for Disck cache:All settings are default.I only checked the override automatic cache size and increased it to 200MB.But again,irrelevant to the problem in the topic.

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