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i dont have Nvidia but my comp is still using a lot of mem


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You mean Nvidia Firewall?

You say, and your PC "can't hold that". What does this mean? Running a torrent greater 4GB needs a NTFS-partition. Perhaps disk space is less than 10% of hdd capacity? Free space ...

Tried disk cache settings?

What are your connections, settings?

The only thing we can see is a 12GB torrent runnin on utorrent ...

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I think the poster meant µTorrent, while running, drove the used RAM+swapfile memory to 12 GB.

My guess:

half-open connections are set too high

or DHT is active and your router/modem doesn't like it

or UPnP isn't working correctly

...or lastly some antvirus/antispyware or software firewall is trying to analyse every datapacket µTorrent makes, and using a ton of ram/swapfile space to do it!

SO, what firewall/antivirus programs you running? Or any active internet-using program for that matter?

Are you using any form of "optimizers"/"speedup programs"?

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