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Prioritize upload bandwidth for super-seeding torrents


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I've got about 30 torrents loaded into uTorrent, one of which is a 10GB torrent of which I am the seed. I've got it super-seeding (sorry, 'initial seeding' ;) ), and have it set to use the highest bandwidth allocation (everything else is set to 'low'). However, it's never getting above 12KB/s (there are 10 peers downloading).

Ideally, I'd like to be able to give all my upload bandwidth to the super-seeding torrent until there's at least one other seed, at which point I then want it to drop back to 'normal' queued behaviour. At present, the only way to do this is to manually stop all my other torrents which is obviously not ideal (but having done so, I'm now uploading at 40KB/s).

What would be nice would be an option either per-torrent or globally to specify that any super-seeding torrent should take all available upload bandwidth until another seed appears (at which point I presume super-seeding is switched off - I've never tried uTorrent's super-seeding so don't know whether this happens automatically :) ). It would be a sort of "get this torrent seeded ASAP" option, and would save me having to manually monitor the torrent and then re-start all the others when it's seeded.


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DWK, I disagree -- 20+ upload slots on a torrent means you're VERY unlikely to get out complete chunks very quickly.

I think the reverse route is better: reduce the number of upload slots on the other torrents, even as low as 1.

If you don't have any manually set upload slots on torrents, just manually set the super-seeding one to about 5-8 upload slots -- and put the default upload slots to 1, to catch everything else. Then set priority on ALL other torrents to LOW, if you haven't already. Goal is to give out at least 5 KB/sec per upload slot as a seed.

While downloading, you'll want slightly more upload slots so you're likely to download from more peers, but while seeding you want to get chunks out quickly as people cannot upload back to you anyway. (This assumes you don't mind lower upload speeds on seeding torrents if seeding and downloading at the same time -- but for me, that's usually the case as I usually am seeding.)

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If you need to increase the upload performance of an initial-seeding torrent, you will need to increase the upload slots massively in comparison to normal seeding.

Well, yes, I tried that, but it made feck-all difference. However, stopping my other torrents immediately caused the super-seeding torrent to leap from 12KB/s up to 40KB/s. Which is fine, but I have to remember to re-start them when I've finished seeding. :(

I think the reverse route is better: reduce the number of upload slots on the other torrents, even as low as 1.

Nice, but to do that for 30 torrents is a royal PITA. I'd like uTorrent to do it automatically when I'm super-seeding.

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This is a major issue that needs to be solved, perhaps with new features.

I my mind, the greatest thing about BitTorrents is being able to contribute to the distribution of files that I want to spread through the world. But, I want my computer doing the work I want it to do! :-{

As a start there needs to be a clarification in the FAQ of what the Bandwidth Allocation settings actually do and how to use them in parallel with(?) the adjustable upload slots and Max Upload speeds.

Here's the hypothetical scenario I'd like to be able to manage:

--I have 10 torrents I'm seeding...

--One is the "most important" so I want all requests for that torrent to get priority attention from my computer

--Below the most important, there will be second and third most favorites which I want to be serving up whenever there is low demand for my favorite (most important) torrent.

--Then I'll have a bunch more which I'm happy to seed forever as long as my torrent client doesn't have anything better to do.

I want to be able to contribute to the community by seeding lots of torrents, but there are some that are much more important to me than others and if there is demand for the important ones, I don't want my computer screwing around with the rest.

Thanks for all the great coding work on uTorrent! :)

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