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Unable to add Torrent: Don't have enough permission to write to 1/volumes'. Please change download location


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On 25/1/2017 at 6:08 AM, What is the file extension said:

I posted the same thing this morning, its literally the thread below yours.... I was searching and three people commented the same thing FOUR months ago with no clear resolution. What is going on?! Does no one know?


This issue only exists with magnet links as far as I know.

Exactly.....long discussion but not a unique clear resolution.....it seems so easy...

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......I simply connected an external HD I formatted as admin from the same Mac where there is the folder 

On the external drive I have the following permissions: Admin;Sistema; Wheel; Everyone

On the Mac drive folder I have the following permissions: Giorgio(io); Staff; Everyone

I mean, I'm an the only user of the Mac and of the external drive.... what's wrong?

In addition if at the moment of adding the Magnet link I change the "Put New Download In" directory (switching again on the original directory of the Mac) the magnet link is added correctly (downloading on the Mac, than the completed download will be in the external hard drive.... weird....


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It does not make sense, the reasoning behind the issue. Support for mac users seems inexistent, or so few people it take a very long time for any response.


So for now I am stuck finding  the download tor file of each magnet link I would like to use. Or hope the magnet file is small enough to fit on my computers HD, so that It can be transferred over to the external after Downloading.


Why my external will not be accepted by Utorr, I have no idea. I can otherwise normally read/write to the drive without any issue. The problem occurred suddenly, without any merit, which is what confuses me the most.



I even tried with a different freshly formatted (to Fat-32) external HD and it did not work, same error....

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