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Maximum number of torrents to run in one time ?


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µTorrent's Speed Guide (CTRL+G) recommends only 3 active torrents and 2 downloading if you only have 512 kilobits/sec useable upload bandwidth. At the xx/640k setting, it changes to 4 active torrents and 3 downloading torrents at once.

However if you're trying to download/upload torrents that are nearly dead (ones that only download and upload at <5 KB/sec) you could probably increase those numbers as high as 10.

Do note that you'll get better download speeds if your total upload slots (which is your upload slots times number of active torrents) is kept LOW enough that each upload slot gets at least 2 KB/sec upload speed...and HIGH enough while downloading that each upload slot gets no more than 20 KB/sec. Being outside that "zone" often results in slow download speeds and possibly slow upload speeds as well. :(

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Unless torrents are totally dead, I don't recommend more than 1 upload slot per 1 KB/sec of upload speed.

That means if you can upload at 20 KB/sec, you could run up to 5 torrents with 4 upload slots (though you'd probably get better speeds reducing upload slots to only 2 or 3)...or you could run 20 torrents with only 1 upload slot each (though you'd probably get all 20 torrents faster running them ~5 at a time.)

How much peers upload back to you greatly depends on how fast you upload to them. If you're only uploading at 1 KB/sec to a peer...others are likely uploading to them faster, so you get little from that peer.

On the other hand, if you only allowed 1 upload slot then the 1 peer would likely not be ABLE to upload as fast back to you -- as they probably have their upload speed split between multiple upload slots and torrents.

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