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All torrents disapeared! How to return all back again?


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I opened uTorrent client to check what I was downloaded last couple of days but I found that torrents were suddenly disapeared from list! So, list is empty.

What I can do in such case? What happened at all?

I do not want to waste my time by browsing my disk and adding all torrents again one by one! Also adding all again that will screwup time information - for me important to see when I added certain torrent to list.

Is it possible to somehow backup current state of uTorrent - so, all settings and full list of torrents? So, to avoid such cases in future, to be able to restore at least some previous state of uTorrent.

Note: uTorrentPro 3.4.9(build 43085). PC is Core-i5/RAM 16Gb/SSD 500Gb. I'm always using the same user account to login to Windows. Nothing was changed in my normal work procedures during last half-year. So, I'm very surprised by such strange behavour of uTorrent.

I already submited a ticket but not received any confirmation about that, so I decided to post it here.


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I know where to look torrents list. It is really empty. Totally empty.
Also sidebar is always ON in my case, so I always see what group of torrents it is showing.

But anyway, I double pressed F7 to toggle OFF/ON sidebar and clicked every of groups to ensure all lists are empty.

Yes, I confirm - all is empty.

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