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Upload connection settings, improving ratio and findng settings


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Hi guys,

I have been using uTorrent for a few months and get some great download speeds, of upto 100kB/s, although my uploads are very slow!

I have changed the settings so my uploads are set to the same speed of my downloads, to try and improve this. I am a member of a bittorent site, it is invite only and I have to have a ratio of at least 0.5, sadly mine is not even above 0.1, so i might get booted soon. So I and desperate to improve my rating.

I have tried to leave all my downloaded torrents on so poeple can upload off me, so they are 100% done left to seed. I've now limited my download speed to 1kB/s and my uploads limit is set to 100kB/s to try and get my ratio up FAST!

I have looked through the help for uTorrent and have tried lots of different solutions but none seem to improve the uploads.

I found something which seems relevant in the info tab at the bottom of uTorrent in the 'logger' section and the messgae reads

" Unable to map UPnP Port. "

And this has repeated itself every few hours!

It seems like people are having troubles connecting to me, although I have switched off my firewall, all virus software.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

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Disable UPnP...since it isn't working anyway and may be causing problems.

If you're typically on private trackers and/or downloading only torrents with lots of peers+seeds, you can disable DHT anyway to reduce possible troubles.

Limiting download speed to only 1 KB/sec will cripple upload speed as well, since uploading requires some download speed. (...even if just to get info from remote peers on what to send next!)

You may want to use Scheduler instead, enable it and use SHIFT+CLICK on the time slots to put µTorrent into seed only mode during those hours. It'll be a pain to do that for the whole week -- but if you HAVE to get your ratio/s back up, it's the only thing to do that I know works. :(

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