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Newest Update 3.4.9 (build 43295) Shows Local Peer when seeding w/LPD Turned off

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An odd issue (at least I think it is) appeared after my client updated today. I use a private tracker that requires DHT, Local Peer Discovery and Peer Exchange turned off. So far everything has been working great and haven't had any issues with those settings being disabled. I just noticed after the update though while seeding my torrents an L will randomly appear between U and T for seeding. After a bit of information has been transferred through L, it will disappear and then re-appear later on. After looking around it looks like the L is for Local Peer..... This hasn't happened until this update came through. The private tracker will ban users using any of the settings mentioned above... I have verified as well that NONE of the torrents have any of those settings turned on, both individual or in the regular preferences. Is this a glitch or error with the new version? Should I be concerned at all that it is using Local Peer Discovery without my knowledge? I am using the Torguard Client as my VPN in Windows 10 Technical Preview. Like I stated though. It never appeared before, so why is it now??

Anyone else having the same thing happen? Or is it just me? I've been considering doing a reinstall of the new version, but I don't want to go through adjusting ALL the settings to how I have them along with importing 39 torrents again...

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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