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Which uTorrent Pro Subscription?


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Hi uTorrent Guys,

A week or more ago I got a renewal notice from Cleverbridge/BitTorrent advising that my uTorrent Pro subscription was up for renewal.

As I have more than one uTorrent Pro/subscription and now only need one, I asked Cleverbridge/BitTorrent which one  was up for renewal.  They referred me to uTorrent.

After a lot of searching I eventually found how to lodge my issue and did so on 29 Jan.  I took Cleverbridge/BitTorrent to task about why they hadn't simply responded and forwarded my query/issue to uTorrent.  They responded by advising they had now done so.

I haven't had an answer yet.

Today I am advised that the relevant subscription expires today.  I still don't know if it is the one I want to keep or the other.

So, I thought I would go to My Account and see.

Guess what?  Clicking on uTorrent's 'My Pro Account' puts a message in uTorrent that says I have to click 'here'.

On clicking 'here' I end up at the Help Center, NOT My Pro Account, and I see nothing about accessing 'My Pro Account' or subscriptions.


Regards Ian.

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