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Super slow download speeds but mega fast upload speeds


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Hi, I have a crazy problem, I have just changed ISP's and my download speeds for torrents is useless if not non existent.

I have done a speed test at speedtest.net and also ran the speed test within uTorrent

I have attached the results of which i just can't explain, speedtest.net results are fine but uTorrent is so slow for download speeds but fine for uploading.

browsing and downloading from the internet is fine, this is only for torrents. I have tried a different torrent client and get the same results.

I have my old internet connection still on and it has no trouble, this has just happened today after i got fibre internet with a new isp.

my friend uses the same fibre ISP and he has no problems. I have tried several devices, so it must be a problem with the router I presume.

if you need me post more info please tell me what you need

Please help, I'm baffled




Utorrent test.JPG

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Speed test ISP speeds not torrent speeds those two are not related. Torrents speeds are based on seeds and seeder bandwidth and now many people are sharing the files the less shared the less speed. And since you said everything is fine except torrents then that tells me your ISP is throttle your torrent usage plain and simple. And there is nothing you can do about it.

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12 hours ago, daveinbkk said:

I understand what your saying, but the fact that my friend has the exact same package and he has no such problems is what's baffling to me.


What package? We here have no idea and is the friend torrenting or no? There is alot of missing holes here to know what is going on. Also you don't know what setup the friend has beyond the ISP company.

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