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What is this domain uTorrent connects to?


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Of course it has to do with IPv4. :P uTorrent tried to connect to MANY addresses at launch and I have nailed down most of them to a specific domain name that can be entered into the windows hosts file to prevent these unwanted connection attempts. For example, hare are jus a few of the entries in my hosts file:


Each one of those I matched up with one of the many IPs that attempts a connection at every uTorrent start. The problem here, is that I am unable to match a domain name with the address. Without the actual offending domain name, the connection cannot be blocked via the Windows hosts file. :)

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4 hours ago, PiusX said:

Then do a proper Rules of Reporting Problem on utorrent support page to look into the matter. We don't do support like that on here this is only user to user support help.

Which is exactly what I'm looking for. A user who may possibly be able to track down the domain name. I already stated this isn't a problem report. uTorrent attempts these connections by design, but that doesn't mean they are wanted. If it were a "problem" where the app wasn't SUPPOSED to be doing this... I would fill out a proper problem report.

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