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uTorrent Create Torrent Stopped Working


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Using uTorrent 3.0 on Windows 10.  I have been happily creating and uploading torrents for years using uTorrent 3.0  Today, I go to File > Create New Torrent (select my source file and add Trackers) > Create and save as...  = Nothing happens. Everything is gray except the Cancel button which works just fine.  I have not changed any preference settings.  Any help very much appreciated!  

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10 hours ago, lite104me said:

Any help very much appreciated!  

Maybe your settings got corrupted somehow.

Exit uTorrent,  then try with new settings.dat file (an empty text document renamed settings.dat will do).

You will have to set up folders for torrent locations, & other preferences etc. again though.

Back-up your current settings.dat & settings.dat.old files first, then remove both from the containing folder. Then create the new settings.dat file as mentioned above.

Start uTorrent. Does Create Torrent work now?

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