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Free Ad Supported version includes fake Windows Security Alerts


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I will be honest in saying that I am happy to accept the ads in the supported version because I've spent money in purchasing licenses for various clients in the past, only to find out that they did not quite work in the manner expected, leaving me feeling frustrated - that's my excuse - and being a skin-flint.  However - this is irrelevant here.

When using free software, I can live with ads which appear quietly in the corner, which occasionally crash the client, and use up a measurable number of CPU cycles.  That's the cost of 'free' software - and I can live with it.  HOWEVER - what is unacceptable is when one of these adverts suddenly starts shouting out of my PC speaker to the effect that my PC had a virus, that I must call the number on the screen (in the utorrent ad window) and all the usual **** that my PC will be banned and disconnected from the internet (OMG!) and all that.

Now - winding up these guys over the phone is fun, but having a voice shouting out of your PC speaker, after the ad somehow manages to launch Windows Defender just to make it seem real is just annoying, especially when it takes quite a while to figure out what is causing it.

Can the devs double-check the source of their apps and get this particularly nasty threatening one removed?  Certain countries, the UK included, consider this kind of thing to be verging on illegal.

Otherwise - thanks for a brilliant product.



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