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WIN10 + NAS = error: unepected network error has occured. (ReadFromDisk)


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Hi all,

Long time uTorrent user, and now first time forum post.

Have an issue with my torrents developing errors over an unknown period of time, being generally a matter of hours or less.
'error: unepected network error has occured. (ReadFromDisk)'

I will log back into my server and find that a number of these have appeared.
To resolve temporarily, I need to Force Re-check on the affected torrents, and they'll go back to normal/seeding.

Googled this problem and checked the forums but not finding a similar scenario to help with my own issue.

My setup is a dedicated Windows 10 PC running uTorrent and Plex only - not used for anything else.
The PC is connected to a HP Switch via single port, from onboard NIC.

Downloads are delivered to a Synology 1515+ NAS, connected via 4 port LACP  to the HP Switch (configured on Switch and NAS).
The download location in uTorrent is setup as a network location, and not a mapped drive.

Anyone able to assist with this issue. While not crippling, it is annoying that I need regularly check that torrents are still seeding.


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PiusX thanks for the helpful input to the thread.

Dread thanks for the advice, but I would like to continue using uTorrent as it is a lot more feature rich compared to the Synology offerings.

I'd be happy to download torrents to the server PC's local HDD, then on completion 'copy' them over to my NAS download location.
Do you know of a run command I could use in the advanced preferences of uTorrent to do such a thing, without user action each time?


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Solution found!

After a quick test, turns out the patch lead tying the server into the switch was the culprit.
Changed over with another CAT6 lead and bingo, no more torrents dropping out.

This also fixed up a Plex server random crash issue I had been troubleshooting for the past 3 months.

I checked my procurve switch logs and nothing has popped up regarding speed drops, errors or disconnects - but obviously enough faults to trip over the two applications.

Happy that I can use the system as I had originally planned, and hope this helps anyone else with a similar issue.


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