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3.5.x Beta


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5 minutes ago, schnurlos said:

The build 45988 got public today. But file size is 2 136 872 ... what the hell.

Whats wrong with 2136872?... Compare the binary/hex, and you'll find it the same, except some junk padding ...

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3 minutes ago, darkred said:

You mean 46006 .

Yes, typo, sorry...

3 minutes ago, darkred said:

Could you please share a link for the non-LAA executable?
(I have tried all 3 stable links from this post sig, but they are all of 45988)

Nope... I am not hosting it...

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23 minutes ago, ecsjjgg said:

@rafi, Please do your magic with this one...


19 hours ago, BDFan said:

uTorrent v3.5.5 build 46010 stable

Done... :)



My guess is that all/most of these newer builds are for fixing issues with "BT Speed" (BTT tokens), which is a complete nonsense, that you can live without, IMO...


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1 hour ago, joshace said:

That 3.5.5 46006 with LAA flag will not run on my computer.  It comes up as malware.  I know it is not malware, but Windows has decided it is.

I sometimes have similar issues - clicking on a magnet link won't work as Windows reports a PUA. Going to security settings reveals no issues, no scan results, and no quarantine items. Windows being a PITA.

Can normally get around this by marking the app as not a PUA or other threat, and ensuring Defender and firewall are configured to allow uTorrent. The magnet download is proving unresolvable at present, but I can download torrent files and add them to uTorrent manually.

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9 hours ago, rafi said:

Thanks for your always rapid and useful responses Rafi!   Although I am now using that "other" torrent client almost exclusively,  I am still maintaining Utorrent because of your efforts and eternal hope that the problems in Utorrent will eventually be solved.  If not for your efforts, I would have given up entirely on Utorrent. 

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Do you think in another decade they'll be able to actually post their releases properly?
No other software developed in existence is as bad as this.

-uTorrent team: Grab our new stable release! 
-Random user: Where can I find it? Links are all previous release!
-uTorrent team: A random forum user is hosting it! Go grab it 
-Random user: Hurrah! Virus?
-Forum: Yes but no!

One week later.. actually available? Maybe. Download and look at the file properties. Oh it's still the old version.

Rafi for CEO.


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8 hours ago, ecsjjgg said:

Just a heads up: uTorrent 3.5.5 Build 46020 Stable is released...


Please @rafi, do your magic!

Link/copy? Not going to waste time trying my luck with their server...

Also, there are no *real* useful changes , since most of them are related to BTT , so there is no rush...

Edited by rafi
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