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Not Downloading Torrents


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Good Morning,


I have used utorrent for years now & have never seemed to have a problem until a short time ago..

I say a month back. I thought it may have been just a corrupt file or bad seed, nut then started noticing error codes on uploads on relied sources i have used for years.

AFG, mSD, EVO, MeGusta, FUM. Just to say a few. I have been with Torrentday since August 2008. Before that I was one of the first with Mininova before it got shut down.

I've been around the game a long time..

Weird thing is this though..  On different files, Formats & Sources utorrent keeps coming up with an **UNKNOWN error** & does not let me DL the file i require. Im mostly film & TV series sort of guy yet utorrent after many years now seems to be failing me?

I have not tried other torrent clients as I believe in loyalty & security in what I trust. Yet it seems utorrent has become lacking in regards to picking up these anomalies.

This is been going on now for over a Month yet no reports or fixes have arrived. I have now DL'ed your beta version & this still seems to persist. I cant send any reports via *Hijackthis* as this does not show the problem?

Do you see what I'm getting at.

I've contacted TD & everything on their end is secure. the problem now lies with utor. I don't with to change providers, yet if this persists. I might have to.


Hopefully you can look into this for me & even try & give it a go with random files on both 43388 & the Beta versions of utor as it just doesn't wasn't want to DL files?


Many thanks for your time & hope to hear from you soon.

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