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RSS Feed and Invalid/missing .torrent files


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I'm new to uTorrent. I've read many posts here and elsewhere on how to figure out utorrents 1.6

version which I installed several days ago. After many reads and re-reads of the on line manual and

this forum leaves me stumped.

My problem is that I'm missing the RSS Downloader .torrent files... and obviously some

understanding on how RSS Downloader really works.

I've set up the RSS Feed tab with about 10 RSS feeds/URL's to get and go through, and I have

also set up a group of Favorites (filters) to pull out the torrents I am interested in. That part of

the process seems to work pretty well.

The update feeds are automatic, and do not seem to get stuck at all (unlike Azureus which has

most of my feed updates in perpetual "pending"). If I press the UPdate Now button, it works just

like that... unlike Azureus (for me at least).

The filtered Favorite .torrents seem then to go to "Releases" tab box, where I can see some of

them have been Blue boxed-marked on the left side, I guess indicating it was correctly identified

by the filters/Favorites and the .torrent was downloaded. Also, if I right-click and select "Open"

on one of the files listed in the "Releases" box not blue checked, I normally get, after a few

seconds, "Invalid torrent file!"

No matter if the file was auto checked marked in the Releases box by utorrent, or I select it to

open, and get an "Invalid torrent file!", once I do that it becomes blue checked marked, and then

seems to get listed in the history tab/box... successful or not. Whether I try and open one of the listings in Releases, or utorrent blue check marks them, they get blue ckeck marked, but the .torrent is not saved anywhere.

So far the only I seem to be able to get the torrens saved is by manually Open/adding, and that only works if I do not get the "Invalid torrent file!".

I suspect that these torrent files - the Invalid ones - are from the Mininova site., though some of them, manually Opened, successfully, are also from Mininova!

If I do find a torrent that I can successfully manually 'open', it will save to my designated directory

and auto load.

I suspect I don't understand the things of whether an RSS feed site is Http, needs cookies, or

whatever. I've heard that Mininova needs a change of the formatting, but have not found what

that is, or how it can be cone automatically.

I'd sure like to solve this hang-up.. it seems to be the only thing stopping utorrent from actually

processing fully and get to downloading files (automatically)... I can add some of them manually through the RSS Downloads app.

Thank you,


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The RSS feeds need to link directly to the .torrent file, and many (including mininova's) don't. Yes, you'll need to filter mininova's feed through something like rssatellite, but I don't recall exactly how to do it, as I don't use the RSS downloader.

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