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Errors files missing from the job and 0 kb file size


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On 3/22/2017 at 0:15 AM, smestarz said:

Hello PiusX no its not a fake torrent, the reason is that I had earlier downloaded that movie, I WATCHED THE MOVIE. And then after I did chkdsk /f, then I started to see few files missing.

But my disk did not show any errors

Then what is the link then? No one is there to verify what your asking to know what is going on.

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I am not sure whats wrong,  Some of the symptoms are

1. Some of the downloaded torrent (download complete) , the torrent file, says  "Error, cant open the torrent"

2. So of the downloaded torrent (completed download) shows 0 Kb, I know its downloaded fully because i did watch the clip and it did work

and now, it does not. Seems like the bytes just vanished.Even if the torrent is downloaded for a few hours, it should show at least 1 Kb


I thought this is hard disk issue, so I did chkdsk, but no error found, I do not understand what exactly is the error and what is the reason for it.


Hope this is clear enough


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