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Dattebayo fansub torrents wont start


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i have the up to date utorrent and it works fine on all downloads i have found exept naruto fansubs off Dattebayo no mater what tracker i use they will start trying to connect but the icon next to it turns into a red arrow downward(dont know what it means i think it means cant connect) but i was shown to be a healthy on the tracker site but it wont start the download

i was wondering if anyone has had this problem other tan me and if they had found a solution

any help will be greatly apprietiated thanks

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"This forum is NOT for help with videos, games, movies, or anything you've downloaded!

Posting about any illegal sharing of copyrighted content is strictly FORBIDDEN."

And the tracker is either:

1: down

2: Private

3: has banned your ip

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