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Seeding Uploading Issues


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Utorrent appears to not be following its own rules/settings.  I don't understand why it is actively seeding such a super large number when the settings specifically state to limit active torrents to 10


I don't see any way to Respond or Reply to your Response to my original post so I am editing the original post to answer you (I am a new member here so forgive me, I don't know if I am just blind but Iiterally see no way to respond or reply marked on your post).

So I started counting with the As and got through the end of the Bs and first couple Cs and I was already up to 65 which is far north of 10.  I simply counted those at that moment in time were showing a number in the upload column indicating I assume that the file was in fact uploading content at that exact point in time.  There were some that were NOT so not all 851 were simultaneously uploading but I'm guessing if I kept counting through Z it would have easily been in the hundreds.




Currently seeding.PNG

Qeuing Rules.PNG

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