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Silly little question, but it's got to be asked ! :oops:

Phil K

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Just now started on your uTorrent. Pleased so far, although I can see what some people are saying about it being a little slower. I'd just like to ask how I have finished torrents removed from the picture so to speak. I have always used the resource-hog Azureus. When my son and daughter are on their comps I have to shut down Azureus as it slows down their own surfing dramatically. This seems to be much better in that regard. But with Azureus, when the torrents finished they dropped down into the completed section. No such thing here it seems.

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so... first click the column you want to sort by, then click Status...

utorrent orders by 2 columns - most recently the one you clicked first, then least recently..

so i click Name, Status.. utorrent orders by status Downloading, Finished, Queued Down, Queued Seed, Seeding

then it orders by name.... so each torrents in the relevant status, are ordered by their name...

and as a torrent moves from downloading to seeding, it drops to the bottom.. cool

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