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uTorrent.exe Suddenly Disappears from my PC


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I have been using uTorrent for years, and it was always without any kind of bugs or noticeable problems.  But recently, especially the last 1-2 months, I have been experiencing strange disappearances. 
Often it begins like this: I was downloading a torrent file, but when i click on it to begin downloading on uTorrent, nothing happens.  I thought the PC was lagging, or the program not responding; mine being an old PC.  But nothing happened.  I checked for my taskbar, the uTorrent logo disappeared, even though I have no memory of closing it. I checked the desktop, and it's gone too.  When I checked the control panel, the program was still there.  So I reinstalled uTorrent and everything is working normally again.

But this happens every 1-2 weeks, with no apparent reason. The disappearance had been happening at least 3 times by now. Every time I googled it, I always find people complaining about missing torrent files, but not the torrent client itself, which confused me.

So, should anyone be able to help me solve this problem, or at least enlighten me on the cause; I would be very grateful.  

(uTorrent ver on Windows 7)

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