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DHT - How to Enable or Disable and which should I choose?


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Hi there:

I am very new to torrent so forgive what may be perceived as stupid questions.

I have read a little about DHT but cannot find a straight answer as to whether or not it should be enabled or disabled. I also don't know how to enable or disable it even if someone could tell me whether is should be enabled or disabled.

The only thing I see DHT is in the bottom of the torrent it says DHT 876 nodes (updating). I am assuming this means it is on? On some of the things I read it says DHT should be turned off because otherwise it screws up my ratio ----whatever that is. I am trying to be a "good" torrenter and always seed the files I download. Does having DHT on mean that I am not getting the credit for all the seeding I do?

Very confused. Any help would be appreciated. So, if anyone could tell me whether DHT should be enabled or not and how to actually enable or disable it if I want to would be great.

Thanks, L.

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Leaven DHT on your router has it set like that for a reason. Those sites are giving you misleading information DHT will not screw up your internet speeds. I have it on for my Router and have no speed related issues using utorrent or regular internet usage.

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