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seen as firewalled


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i'm having trouble with a particular tracker, dimeadozen, not to named it where for now a few months, i'm being seen as firewalled, which is not the case.

i'm a long time user there, never had any problems until recently, i haven't changed any settings on my side, neither have they they told me. the only thing that have changed on my computer is upgrading kaspersky internet security to the 17 version. disactivating the firewall or even the full software (stop protection and then quit program) doesn't change a thing.

i'm not seen as firewalled using some other clients (i've tried qbittorrent, tixati & deluge), i've tried using other ports, redoing the rule in my router but alas nothing worked!

testing my port with canyouseeme.org or yougetsignal.com have them saying my port is open.

of course i can see people there being on utorrent that are not seen as firewalled by the tracker (when we are, we have the port number between brackets after the nick) and trying different version of utorrent doesn't change a thing. with latest version downloaded here (3.5.0 43580 http://www.utorrent.com/intl/en/#comp-tbl) the torrent is red (and not green) with no special message from the tracker, but i'm normally seen as a seed by it. with older versions, the torrent is green.


any idea of what setting i could change in order to reply to the tracker quicker?? or maybe some other idea of why i am seen as firewalled



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13 hours ago, PiusX said:

What firewall program are you using then?

you mean right now or when i tried without kis??


i put it back on after the test and since i had windows 7 firewall disactivated, i did try without any firewall


i'm still wondering why i've seen as firewall. download a torrent there yesterday, plenty of peers on utorrent, various version and when looking at the peers, only one (out of like 13 with 8 or 9 using utorrent) was said to be firewall...

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