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portforwarding for versalink router not working...


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i went to portforwarding.com and went to this page http://www.portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/Westell/Versalink327W/Utorrent.htm

I followed the instructions but then at the end it says to put the settings like this but when I tried putting them in, my router only went up to 10,000.

Service Details

Service Name: Utor1

Type: Port Forwarding

Port 1

Protocol: UDP or TCP

Global Port(s): 100000-100000

Base Host Port: 100000

Also, the instructions aren't very clear because it says

"We will list a series of lines here that will show you exactly how to forward the ports you need to forward. Utorrent requires you to forward the ports you entered above. Go ahead and enter the settings shown above into the Port Range menu and then click Next then Close."

but where are the series of lines? and what ports that I entered above is he talking about?

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He doesn't. He says to use the port that uTorrent has specified in the preferences.

Ignore the part below that that says 100000-100000.

If uTorrent is using port 45562, then simply put port 45562.

That is all you have to do, and you will be set.

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