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Invisible new downloads


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Dear all:


It is probably a very simple issue - since I moved to my new apartment, I started using only one monitor. The new torrents window use to appear on my second screen, so basically I cannot see or move that screen as it is 'invisible to Windows'.

If I add any new torrents, I have to press enter as soon as it pops up so it is properly added. Problem is when I forget, then if I try to add it again, it will suggest to add the tracker to the already existing torrent (but it didn't start). So my real issue is that I have tons of torrents that I forgot to just hit enter and now I cannot start them.

How to work around this? Sorry for the probably stupid question. I haven't tried reinstalling, which would probably fix this, as I wouldn't like to lose my torrents list (since 2013).

Thank you


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